Image by Leon Škrilec


For Bee Lovers, by Bee Lovers

  field day's are educational session's in the apiary working directly with the bees, we will bee offering these through the season with Covid 19 social distancing in place. We are also offering private beekeeping lessons as an opportunity to learn more in depth in a one on one session.


Private beekeeping sessions are $50

You receive a 2 hour private session tailored specifically to you

Field days are $20 a participant in a group of 5 people socially distanced to follow safety protocols. These are 2 hour sessions that cover a broad subject matter.

Payments can be made through our Book Now tab below or online e transfer with a date/time of preferred booking.

What to bring:

1.) Bee Veil / Suit, we have a few extras however we are limited and can not provide everyone with veils at this time so if you have one please bring it.

2.) Camera, feel free to take photos and videos of the bees

3.) water bottle, afternoons can get hot and its always good to stay hydrated! We will also provide a water dispenser to refill.

4.) Boots or high top shoes that you can tuck pants into. Our bees have been known to crawl up pant legs so best to tuck them in to avoid an uncomfortable situation. 

What to expect:

1.) Working with the bees is always weather dependent, workshops and private sessions will be rescheduled accordingly.

2.) Our bees are gentle however they are never domesticated and are wild living beings, we do our best to ensure the safety of all participants however there is always a chance of receiving a sting when in an apiary. We will ask participants if they have known allergies or if they have never been stung and allergy is possible. We have antihistamine and Epipens on hand in the rare case of a reaction. Please note that you are responsible for yourself in our apiary. 

3.) Expect to learn about Honeybees, wild pollinators, pollinator friendly gardening and plants and enjoy being in their presence. 

4.) All workshops have two experienced beekeepers on hand to answer questions and are there to help you get the most our of your experience.