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What is CSA?

 Community-supported agriculture is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers. In short: people buy "shares" of a farm's harvest in advance and then receive a portion of the crops as they're harvested.

How does it work?

You purchase a full or half bee hive sponsorship, that is the cost of the bees. We cover the other costs and do all of the maintenance and care of the bees. Your sponsorship investment essentially buys you shares of the honey harvest %30 for the first year and %25 annually after.

How much Honey will I get?

Like any CSA we are at the mercy of nature and there can be no guarantees on a set amount of honey that can be harvested, many variables are at play with honey production and the health of the bees will always be our number one priority. We will do our best to ensure that there is plenty of nectar flowing forage by seeding and irrigating fields of native flora, we plan to expand each year on our 40 acres. It is our goal to get our sponsors their initial investment back in the first year between honey and hand crafted bee products. as a rough estimate based of previous years harvest in this location we aim to get you around 20-30 lbs. for the full sponsor and half for the half sponsor.

What if something happens to my beehive?

We love and care for the bees deeply and its never easy when something happens to a colony, its usually the winters here that are the biggest challenge for a bee colony and we are doing a variety of things to mitigate winter losses, however things do happen and in the event of a colony loss we replace your sponsored hive on our end (no additional cost to you) we also pool the harvest and divide up the shares accordingly to give an even percentage to our hive sponsors. 

What other products can I expect to receive

You will receive 3 gift boxes for the full sponsor and 2 for the half through the season with a variety of products depending on availability such as: Candles, propolis and beeswax salves, propolis tincture, honey body scrub & lip balm.

Do I get my investment back if I decide to leave the program?

We aim to get your initial investment back to you in the first year through honey, value added hand crafted bee products

and educational workshops. However its the long term return that most find appealing about the program with a small annual fee and a good share of the harvest. We fully understand if the program no longer works for you and you can leave at anytime but we do not offer a refund on the investment. You could however sell your share and we could potentially facilitate that sale.

What are your beekeeping practices?

We consider ourselves stewards of the bees and their health is our number one priority. We strongly believe in supporting the bees natural cycles. We do not use synthetic or harsh chemical treatments for our bees, we only use essential oils or organic treatments. We only feed our bees sugar when absolutely necessary such as a swarm who has no honey stores or bees who are weak and we feed an organic cane sugar with herbal tea blend and lemon juice to adjust the ph to be as close to nectar as possible. We use very minimal if any smoke on the bees and use a lavender spray instead so as not to stress the bees. We keep bees in two styles of beehives, the sponsor hives are in Langstroth and the swarms we catch are placed into Top bars. All of our honeycomb is pure without the use of foundation. It is our Philosophy that a healthy respected colony of bees will gift us with the highest quality product

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