Protect the Bees!!!

We are declaring the month of May Pesticide and Herbicide awareness month. Early spring is when Honey bees and wild bees emerge after a long winter hungry, in some cases on the verge of starvation.

The first food source available to them is Dandelions then Oregon grape and Cherry. This is also the time people decide to battle weeds or get on top of garden pests.

Please reconsider spraying your lawns and gardens to keep our pollinators safe and fed.

If you still want to battle weeds and pests there are safer alternatives you can use here is a few links to a great list of some DIY natural pesticides.

If you hire lawn care or garden professionals inquire about what they are using and request the safest options.

We want to live in a spray free world however if you do decide to spray something please never spray on flowering plants, during the day or use broad spectrum pesticides and herbicides as these cause the most harm to bees. Here is a list of common garden products that kill our bees

These actions can make all the difference to pollinators 🐝 and ultimately our own food security.

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